9 Barriers to the Eradication of Mental Illness and How We Can Overcome Them

These are the reasons why mental illness continues to ravage our society despite the miraculous rate of technical innovation in almost every other field of human endeavor.

The Cost of Mental Illness

Over 50 million Americans are currently forced to endure these lives characterized primarily by quiet desperation, which is often a fate worse than death.

Conditions for Happiness

An overview of some critical factors when it comes to maximizing well-being.

The Empirical Deficit that Plagues Modern Psychiatry

There is a severe quantitative deficiency in the field of clinical psychiatry. To illustrate, consider the rigorous approach that my industrial testing laboratory uses to identify, diagnose, and treat a relatively simple problem, such as a corroding pipe. The very subjective and qualitative approach that modern psychiatry uses to treat incomprehensibly complex problems, such as neurological disorders, looks questionable in comparison.

Gluten and Sugar-Free Soylent, Banana, and Kefir Diet

A cheap, easy to prepare, gluten-free, fructose-free diet that supplies all recommended daily nutrients.


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