Track anything in seconds by just clicking the QuantiModo button in your browser!

Use QuantiModo for Chrome to effortlessly track anything! You can track your sleep, diet, medication, physical activity, and anything else that can be quantified.

How to Record a Measurement –

CLICK THE EXTENSION – Click the QuantiModo icon in the upper right hand side of your browser. It might be hidden. In that case you’ll have to drag the divider line to the right of the URL field to see it.
SELECT A VARIABLE – Type the name of the variable that you want to track. If it’s an existing variable, the settings should be populated automatically and you can move to step 3. If you’ve never entered data for that variable before you’ll need to adjust the settings for that variable first
ADD YOUR MEASUREMENT – Then enter the value for the measurement and select the correct units.
SEND YOUR MEASUREMENT – After pressing the “ADD” button data is then sent to the QuantiModo website.
Sync and Storage – At the QuantiModo website, this data can be combined with data from other applications, devices and electronic health records. Since the human mind is not powerful enough to retain all of the necessary information, this data integration feature is essential to identifying correlations and causal relationships.

Accelerate Research – Users will also have the option to anonymously donate their data to researchers in order to help facilitate the crowdsourced observational research. We know access to this data can accelerate the treatment and understanding of mental illness.

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