1. Overview
  2. How It Works
  3. Minimum Requirements for Partner
  4. Credit Payment Policy
  5. Advanced Partner Capabilities
  6. Marketing and Advertising Rules
  7. Termination

1. Overview

QuantiModo’s Affiliate Program lets you add value and make money by bringing new customers to QuantiModo. For every account you refer (Solo or Team) you will earn a 15% commission every time we bill the customer, which means recurring revenue from monthly subscriptions, not just a one-time bounty. We track every time someone signs up through your referral link and we provide reporting tools so you can see how much you have earned.

2. How It Works

We provide an account sign-up landing page hosted by QuantiModo where you will direct customers to purchase QuantiModo. Anyone who signs up through this page will be tracked for commissions to your partner account. Whenever referred customers are billed we track these for commissions payable to you. Being a QuantiModo Affiliate Partner requires that you accept QuantiModo’s Partner Terms of Service ( There are two Affiliate Partner levels:

  1. Limited Partner: You get a QuantiModo account, which allows you to see who has signed up from your affiliate signup page (you can view company name, account owner name, and email), and view credits history.
  2. Full Partner: In addition to the above, you are able to review and manage accounts that you have brought to the system.

3. Necessary Partner Provided Information

The following are required to setup the partner account:

  • A short name to be used as a URL component, must be unique in our system, eg.

“effiencyexperts” or more anonymous “eex”

  • A contact email address
  • A “payable to” name and street address
  • Optional for branded partners: A full company name to be used, eg. “The Efficiency Experts, Inc.”; A logo for the landing page, approximately 245 x 35 pixels (only when branding is desired); A QuantiModo account if you do not wish to use QuantiModo services yourself we can convert this account to a free account.

4. Marketing and Advertising Rules

Different partners wish to invest in bringing customers to QuantiModo in different ways. If you plan website network ad campaigns (eg. AdSense), search result ads (eg. AdWords), or unsolicited email campaigns, we require that you pass the planned content or word selection to QuantiModo for review. This is to protect yourselves in case there are other peers investing on the same strategies as well as to protect QuantiModo’s ability to control its brand, and to protect our existing partners in case they’ve reserved certain strategies for certain periods of time. For example, this is to handle situations where two parties want to bid on the identical Google AdWords.

5. Termination

Either party can terminate the agreement and cancel the referral relationship with 30 days advance notice. Once the termination date has been reached no further signup credits will be awarded and any and all remaining outstanding credits owed to the partner will be paid out by QuantiModo.

4. Credit Payment Policy

Payment will be calculated monthly, on the first business day after the 15th of the month. The payment is calculated based on these conditions:

  1. The client account was successfully billed for their subscription amount since the previous credit calculation was made.
  2. A credit is calculated based on the billed amount multiplied by the commission percentage.
  3. The commission percentage is 15%.
  4. Please consult with QuantiModo when referring a single account with more than 100 seats for team sales. Special higher commissions may apply, along with account management questions.
  5. Once your commissions are accrued for the period, if the total commissions are more than US$100.00, you will be paid all commissions due.
  6. If the total commissions are less than $100.00, those commissions are left in “unpaid” status, and in the next commission period they will be checked again and will be paid out once the total commissions due exceeds $100.00.

Note: Partners being paid outside the USA will be paid when the total commissions reach US$1000.00, or higher if requested. This is in the mutual interest of both parties to avoid excessive currency exchange costs or wire transfer costs when applicable.

Initially, commission payments will be printed checks mailed to your account’s address. We reserve the option to provide this via EFT in the future.

When you create a new account you will receive a notification for this event. Accounts on QuantiModo receive a two-week free trial after which billing commences. Currently, we will not send email notifications of client account changes (upgrades, downgrades, cancels), but this information can be requested from us on a periodic basis.

5. Advanced Partner Capabilities

The partnering capabilities in the QuantiModo Platform allow for some enhanced integrations should you desire to take advantage of them. Using these features requires that you guarantee the security of our mutual customer’s data, and abide by conditions stipulated in the Full Partner in the Partner Terms of Service ( This provides the opportunity to move into a larger value-add partnership role.

  • The ability to login into your partner account, and then log-in into your clients’ accounts to manage them on their behalf. This can include using the embed and data API features to build and manage your own hosted dashboards, or other data export related extensions for them.
  • Redirect to your site after sign-up: By default, users who sign-up are routed through our standard sign-up flow, which assists in helping them complete their setup. However, you can provide an alternate target for QuantiModo to send users to after they have signed up, so you can manage the relationship and your brand more closely. We can then provide the link that would allow them to resume the standard QuantiModo setup steps, should you want.
  • Synchronous web service post summarizing signup transactions: If you provide us with an appropriate URL for a receiving web service, we can send the results of new accounts in line with the signup event information. This would allow you to trigger certain actions of your own, like provisioning matching accounts on your system, or other actions on behalf of the client. By policy, this synchronization request is given a 10-second timeout before logging an error and allowing the signup to continue normally on our site.

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