100% HIPAA Compliance Guaranteed

We have closed the gap between mobile health’s convenience and privacy concerns.

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Not only do we secure your data with “keys”, but the encryption system is independent. Thus at the final stage the computer does not even know the information it is handling.

Focus On What You Know

Apps can get bogged down trying to become HIPAA compliant, and it prevents researchers from being able to gain the largest and most reliable sample size possible. We handle the compliance backend, so you can design the best experiment possible.

Secure Exchange of Data

We protect the data allowing you to communicate and research most effectively. Everything is encrypted beyond HIPAA standards.

Insurance Protection

We back our HIPAA compliant apps with data breach insurance. So, even if the inexplicable happens, everyone’s prepared and safe.
QuantiModo allows you to import your participants' data from a wide array of applications and devices.


We allow you to store as much data as you need, and it will be kept HIPAA compliant. This allows you room to expand the study and research as needed without ever having to worry.


Take all of the participant data that would be stored separately, and store it in one secure and compliant place.

No Format Restrictions

We will create and design around your apps infrastructure (although we transport all information in HTTPS for compliance purposes) so that you do not have to conform and compromise to use our service.

Above and Beyond Compliance

HIPAA regulations are constantly changing, but we have gone so far beyond their expectations that we are immune to clerical changes that could cause other companies and apps to fall out of HIPAA compliance.

Separation Security

Although streamlined, our technology is segmented to prevent a potential breach of one area from resulting in compromise of personal health information.

24/7 Assurance

We are always here to handle your questions, concerns, or worse. We treat you not as a consumer of our product, but an extension of our company.
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