Experiments Created and Run on Custom Applications

Design any experiment that involves tracking variables and our team will create the application to run it!

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The Fast, Full, Forty

Buy this service in 40 hour per week blocks at 6000 dollars. We put together a dynamic team containing both bioinformatics officers and developers to make sure that your experiment is understood and your application is built efficiently.

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The Flexible Forty

Add a scientist/developer from QuantiModo to your team to assist in building your app however you see fit. Designing, Coding, Consulting, Researching, this is the swiss army knife option priced at 4000 dollars per 40 hour block.

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Gimme Five

For 600 dollars you receive 5 hours of advising and technical support from a certified QuantiModo bioinformatics offer or developer. They are the same skill as you would receive in the flexible 40 option, just at a lower time commitment. Must already be using another QuantiModo service option to be eligible for this option.

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Custom Development

QuantiModo builds what you want, how you want, when you want, with as many resources as we can thoughtfully provide including full HIPAA compliance. Prices vary based on desired application and complexity of experiment.

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QuantiModo allows you to import your users' data from a wide array of applications and devices.
To Make Your Experiment Easier:

Flexible Options

We provide researchers with the opportunity to create a web application sold in stores like google play, mobile applications sold in the android and iOS app store, and custom web pages for their experiments so data collection and communication are easy.

Free Updates

We are continuously striving to add more features, to increase the ease with which research can be performed. Moreover, we are working to make this research as ground breaking as possible. We listen to your suggestions, and are updating constantly.

Streamlined Data Gathering

Instead of spending months gathering participants and collecting data. You can create studies on our platform and enable participants to share their preexisting and/or future data with you.

HIPAA Compliance

We allow any researcher to create a fully HIPAA compliant app if desired. To learn more please click below:

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We Host For You

Any experiment you create on with our mobile or web application builder can be hosted securely by Quantimodo allowing for a quick change from creation to experimentation.

Simple Sign Up

Your participants can sign up nearly instantaneously. In addition to general registration we also offer Facebook and Google account connectivity.

Immediate Assistance

If at anytime you have a problem with your mobile or web application, our teami is ready to assist with all bug fixes and data collection issues.
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