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Customize your experiment to measure any variable. Collect data on symptoms, treatments, diet, sleep and anything else. Or just access our database of participants’ information


We can import collected data from just your experiment or all of our participants’ information into one giant data pool


We give you access to all of our data mining algorithms to conduct studies. We also highly encourage you to take the data and use your own methods.


Customizable experimentation and access to our enormous amount of data streamline experimentation, decreasing the time to publication.

Import Participant Data From Dozens of Sources

QuantiModo’s Connector Framework is a simple and easy way to sync Apps and Devices. We allow intervals ranging from instantaneous to weekly for automatic syncing of any apps the participant uses.

Explore the Strongest Predictors and Outcomes of Any Factor

With the QM Analytics Dashboard, data streams can be combined and visually analyzed on a timeline to evaluate one’s progress over time and explore the data to find insights.

Easily Recruit Thousands of Participants

613 million people are currently tracking a health indicator. With the QuantiModo platform you can instantly invite anyone to participate in your study via social networks, crowd-funding platforms, email, and many other means. By bringing people together from all over the world, we create an enormous data pool. This allows people who may have rare diseases to be tracked together so larger cohort studies can easily be performed. Additionally larger geographically diverse data creates cleaner samples.

Easily Create Experimental Studies

The QuantiModo Research Platform will make it ridiculously easy and immensely cheaper to conduct research than it has been in the past.  The researcher simply creates a Study Group, then explain the rationale for their study, and invite others to join the study, thereby granting anonymous access to data for the relevant variables.

Push Notifications: No Lost Data

Remind participants to report data frequently via push notifications. This will give researchers access to unprecedentedly large resolution time-series data.

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Easily Export Your Data

Easily export raw, cleaned, or processed data to a CSV for further analysis using R, SPSS, Excel, or the analytics tool of your choice.

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Eliminating Geographical Barriers

A researcher desiring to carry out an experiment in Los Angeles can simply have the participants there download his customized tracking app. Larger scale studies can be conducted on specific regions using the data from participants who agree to use location services.

Push Notifications

Never miss a data point again, as Quantimodo allows the researcher to send push notifications at any time as a reminder to collect that crucial data point. Moreover, scheduled push notifications can be set up by both the participant and the researcher to ensure proper data collection


Instead of spending months gathering and collecting data, create studies on our platform and enable participants to share their preexisting and/or future data with you.

Individual Web Page

Each researcher can create a customized web page using simple short codes we provide. This not only enables data collection to occur in one simple standardized place, but also allows easy researcher-to-participant communication

Large Data Sets

Just 1 active participant per 1,000 individuals in Los Angeles would result in 10,000 active participants constantly tracking and providing health data (both physical and emotional) waiting to be analyzed. Read our policy and promise about the data you receive!

Symbiotic Relationship

The number of consistent data, means the capability for truly ground breaking statistical research. People are depending on technology like never before. It is time we give researchers an opportunity to put that data to uses that are mutually beneficial to both parties.
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