QuantiModo’s Search Engine

Aggregated user data is used to determine the factors that most influence any given aspect of health, powering the QM Search Engine.

Anyone wanting to optimize any quantifiable aspect of their life is able to search and see a list of the products that are most effective at helping the average user achieve a particular health and wellness goal.  For instance, if one wishes to improve one’s sleep efficiency, go to our site and search for “sleep efficiency”, where one is able to select from the list of products that most affect sleep efficiency.  

Impact: Clinicians and those suffering from chronic conditions will have access to the personalized effectiveness rates of treatments and the percent likelihood of root causes.


Universal Data, Smarter Data

613 million people are currently tracking a health indicator. With the QuantiModo platform you can instantly invite anyone to participate in your study via social networks, crowd-funding platforms, email, and many other means. By bringing people together from all over the world, we create an enormous data pool. This allows people who may have rare diseases to be tracked together so larger cohort studies can easily be performed. Additionally larger geographically diverse data creates cleaner samples.

We will also enable grouping of data among relatively homogenous groups of users stratified by their environmental, microbiomic, demographic, genomic and/or disease profiles.

Providing Individualized Solutions

Currently depression trials are not just costly, but they have large barriers to entry that eliminate about 90% of people suffering from the disease. Often sufferers of ailments are left to chat-room discussions as their best means of procuring a remedy. Together we are bringing down the cost of research, and giving everyone equal access to its insights.

Every member of the QuantiModo community is helping to alleviate not just their own health problems, but potentially those of other users. We take anonymously donated user data, and we group similar users together, allowing everyone to learn from one another. We have put this information into a search engine, so any user can simply search for their health concerns and receive our recommendations based on the influences we discover.

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