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Nearly half of humans are suffering from at least one chronic condition like arthritis, depression, fibromyalgia, ADHD, anxiety or bipolar disorder.

These conditions can be influenced by hundreds of factors in daily life.

Human minds do not have the bandwidth or statistical processing power required to account for all these factors, their synergistic relationships, and the time delays before their effects are observed.



We’re bringing together the greatest minds available in order to use data to minimize suffering.

This is being done through the formation of a cooperative organization.  Our mission is to develop new technologies to collect massive amounts of time-series data on symptom severities and all hidden factors that could influence them.  

Furthermore, we will also be collecting environmentomic, microbiomic, demographic, genomic and/or diseasomic profiles. Then we will use this data to automatically generate scientific studies on the effects of all combinations of factors on each condition.

There are a number of people and organizations pursuing this goal parallel currently with varying degrees of monetary and scientific success.  We feel that the fragmented nature of these separate endeavors leads to a massive duplication of effort and is wasting millions of hours that those suffering today cannot spare.  By instead working together,  we could achieve much more than the sum of our parts and dramatically accelerate the discovery of new ways to reduce individual suffering.



We’re currently looking for co-founders willing to serve in various roles in a worker cooperative organization.

Initially, compensation will take the form of shared ownership of the business according to the Fairest Founder Collaboration Agreement.  The basis of this agreement is that all contributed cash and work done should be tracked and documented.  The time at which it is determined that the company has a clearly defined scope and has secured enough resources to get it to profitability, a corporation could be formed and founder’s shares distributed in proportion to each collaborator’s contribution.  Once investment or revenue is obtained, employees will have the opportunity to switch to direct compensation for their labor as well as their share of any profits generated based on their accumulated equity allocation.



Beyond the enormous help that these projects could provide to individuals, they could also eventually be used to improve society on a macroscopic level.

Those in elected office are charged with promoting and protecting the general welfare of the country.  General welfare is defined as the average health and happiness of a nation.  These projects will provide data on both of these metrics at specific geographic and temporal locations.  Thus, we could use the same techniques of causal inference and multivariate regression to quantify the net effects of public policies as they are introduced and repealed in different states or countries.  

If we were able to quantitatively determine which policies produced the maximum health and happiness, it would dramatically reduce irrational political division.  This, combined with crowdsourced direct-democracy, would allow us to all effectively work together towards a world free of unnecessary suffering!



Contact us if you'd like to become an advisor or co-founder.

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