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Over a billion people are currently suffering from inadequately treated chronic conditions such as depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, diabetes, fibromyalgia, and many others.  The primary barrier to the identification of effective solutions for these individuals relates to the fact that traditional clinical research and diagnosis is too expensive, slow, and imprecise.

Recent technological advances, from self-tracking applications and devices to genetic sequencing, have produced a torrent of structured quantitative data on all aspects of human existence, including diet, physical activity, sleep, social interaction, environmental factors, symptom severity, vital signs, and others. This data holds tremendous potential to obtain personalized effectiveness values for treatments and reveal root causes of chronic conditions, particularly mental illnesses such as depression.

Because there was no universal large-scale platform capable of aggregating this disparate data and deriving new scientific insights, we at QuantiModo have developed a web framework and mobile applications for collecting, integrating, analyzing, and visualizing quantitative data from a wide array of sources.

With your help, the world will see a dramatic acceleration in the pace of clinical research and discovery.

Engineering, Product, and Design

PHP/JavaScript Developer

You are comfortable at all points in the typical PHP/MySQL/Nginx stack.

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WordPress Developer

You are comfortable at all points in the typical PHP/MySQL/Nginx stack.

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Data Scientist

You are excited to play a leading role in using data to identify causal relationships using irregular time series data.

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Android Developer

You are passionate about the Android ecosystem and your apps have demonstrated an excitement about Android’s role beyond the phone.

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PHP Back-End Developer

You speak fluently about API design and have experience with multiple PHP frameworks.

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Front-End Designer/Developer

You are eager to design simple, human-centered products. You love thinking through systems, not just apps.

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Public Relations, Partnerships, and Operations

Public Relations Specialist

You are enthusiastic about growing communications and community at QuantiModo.

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