What if through the click of a button you could advance research exponentially? No monetary donations that float away to overhead, no funding a conference about thumb surgery in Hawaii, just share the data you already collect.

QuantiModo is founded on two core principles. First, we as people want to live physically and emotionally healthy lives. Second, there is finally enough computing power to derive trends and create experiments from the enormous amounts of data people accrue.

We all want to be healthier.  Tens of millions of Americans use diet apps and mood trackers. Fit-Bit has 9.5 million active users and counting. We all want to be healthier… and fascinatingly we ourselves could be the keys to doing so.

We will not share your name and we will not share your number unless you give explicit permission to a specific researcher. But, we will share the data you generate on other health apps and our own in the hopes that we or other researchers can help us all live happier and healthier lives.

The same way our app is designed to try to optimize each user’s health individually, we believe it can help everyone’s health as a community.

With QuantiModo at least on the days we decide we need pizza, the days we walk right on past the yogurt to the butter, the days we just sit down with a drink and watch television, we know somewhere we might just be making a researcher giddy with excitement and improving our own lives.



If you still do have concerns, we invite you to read our formal privacy policy.

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