QuantiModo WordPress Plugin

Help find new solutions to chronic illnesses by creating your very own platform for citizen science!

Collect, import, and display Quantified Self data in any page or post using a shortcode!

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Timeline Graph

Insert longitudinal graphs and find trends in your data over time. The wider number of variables you track over time the more trends we can find to help you optimize your life!

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Correlation Charts

Explore the data for the top predictors of any outcome of interest with the correlation charts. Embed a longitudinal timeline, correlation scatterplot, and predictor listing bar graph in posts, pages, custom post types, and sidebars. Variables, settings, and filters are supplied when creating a the widget or shortcode.

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Add A Measurement Dialog

Use the Add a Measurement shortcode to easily track diet, medications, symptoms or anything else!

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Import Data

Import data from a wide variety of apps and devices with the effortless click of a button. We track anything from Facebook activity to the weather.

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Predictor Search

Easily search for the strongest predictors of any given condition and the most likely effects of any given stimulus. Results can either be personalized or based on the average predictive data for all QuantiModo users.

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Mood Tracker

This would create a widget/shortcode with the mood-rating faces that we could put in a page/post or sidebar. If clicked on, it would submit an overall mood measurement for the currently logged in user.

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