World Weather Online is dedicated to providing global weather forecast and weather content for websites, businesses and the travel industry.

World Weather Online cover’s approximately 3 million cities/towns worldwide and our weather forecast is trusted and used by a wide variety of companies and organisations from SME’s to large corporate clients. That includes Intelligent Planet, Sonitus Systems, Skydive Mag, G&D Creations, Surfcast, Weathercare and many more. Many of these companies have joined our API community which has immense benefits such as free promotion to over one million visitors that we receive each month.

World Weather Online currently operate’s two high-tech weather data centres; one situated in Denmark and the other in Germany. We also have dedicated team members working in the UK, USA and India in order to make sure that our information stays as current as possible and delivers the best possible service to all our users.

Free Weather API allows developers and programmers to access free 5 day weather content in a range of formats that include XML, CSV and JSON. You can use our Weather API to access weather data for any location as long as you have access to the city and town, postal or zipcode or by using latitude and longitude.

World Weather Online have developed our own weather forecasting model which delivers reliable and accurate weather information for any geo-point in the world. Our weather model is run along with other metrological models like European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, World Meteorological Organization, NASA weather satellite imagery, NOAA GFS2 model and JMA model for research and training purposes and deliver the most accurate weather forecast possible.

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