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We develop your app from start to finish, successfully navigating the complexities of the mobile-Health sphere.

QM Connector Framework

QuantiModo’s Connector Framework is a simple and easy way to sync Apps and Devices. We allow intervals ranging from instantaneous to weekly for automatic syncing of any apps the participant uses.

The API connector framework will allow ongoing regular import of user data after a single user authorization.  SDK’s will enable developers to implement easy automatic sharing options in their applications. An increase in the quantity of data will produce a proportional increase the number of clinical discoveries made.

We developed an application programming interface (API) for receiving and sharing data, a spreadsheet upload/import module, a connector framework to pull data from existing third party API’s, and software development kits (SDK’s).

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QM Analytics Engine

The QM Analytics Engine mines data using powerful, proprietary algorithms which perform:

  • temporal precedence accounting
  • longitudinal data aggregation
  • erroneous data filtering
  • unit conversions
  • ingredient tagging
  • variable grouping

All of this allows us to identify the strongest predictors of symptoms and quantify the likely effects of treatments and other factors.

Tell Us About Your Project
Our Services

Coding in a Plethora of Languages

We code in Android, iOS, Ionic, and Javascript (excelling in Laravel, WordPress, and Slim). We have a diligent and professional team of coders in all the aforementioned with years of health application development experience.

Prototypes Pronto

We strive to get you a working demo of your application as quickly as possible. We believe that an efficient prototyping stage enable us to make sure that every application is not just functional, but ideal for its purpose.

User Friendly

Our focus is on making sure the application is exactly you want. But, we also strive to ensure that users of often incredibly complex mHealth apps will be able to navigate swiftly through the interface.

HIPAA Compliance

We allow any company to create a fully HIPAA compliant app if desired.

We Host For You

Any mHealth application you create on with our mobile or web application team can be hosted securely by Quantimodo allowing for a quick timeframe from development to the market.

Immediate Assistance

If at anytime you have a problem with your mobile or web application, our team is ready to assist with all bug fixes and data collection issues.
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